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These hands-on courses are run in the CloudHealth demo environment and build on skills learned in your onboarding learning path. Click on a course name below to see more information.


These courses require an active training subscription. Please email us at for assistance.

Attending Your Session

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Develop Deeper Skills

Policies and Automation

Leverage policies and cloud automation to help manage your infrastructure. This module will show you how to set up Policies to alert you when certain conditions are met or even take automated action.

We'll walk through the following:
  • Health Check Pulse Review
  • Entering Budgets
  • Tagging Strategy
  • Security Reporting
  • Configuring Automation
  • Top 5 Best Practice Policies

Reservation Management

This module demonstrates how CloudHealth can save you time and money, from analyzing your existing RIs and their usage, to putting together a quote.
  • EC2 RI Utilization Pulse Review
  • RI Analysis and Modification
  • Generating an RI Quote

Perspectives Management

Perspectives give you a framework by which you can categorize all of the assets within your infrastructure. This session will show you the ins and outs of creating well-defined Perspectives.

This session covers the following:
  • Perspective Strategy and Design
  • Building Perspectives using Categorize
  • Building Perspectives using Search
Build New Skills

Using CloudHealth APIs

This class gives a general overview of REST APIs in CloudHealth. It is intended for users interested in learning API that might be new to using them.

We’ll cover the following topics:
  • REST API basics
  • API keys
  • An introduction to Curl and Postman

Allocating Costs for Chargeback or Showback

This session shows you how to amortize upfront reservation costs and use cost reallocation rules to ensure accurate reporting. Learn the true cost of your cloud spend for chargeback or showback purposes.

This session requires that you have attended the following session(s):
  • Reallocation Rules
  • Amortization

Identifying Security Risks

This session discusses how to use CloudHealth to identify security risks following AWS Best Practices.

Infrastructure Optimization

Evaluating and Optimizing Databases

This session is designed to look at the utilization of database workloads for RDS and SQL databases and discuss reservation opportunities.

This session will cover the following:
  • Reviewing RDS Metrics report
  • Creating RDS RI Optimizer quotes
  • Exploring RDS and SQL Database Usage reports
  • Identifying underutilized Azure SQL Databases

Assessing Storage and Network Resources

This session takes a deep dive into storage and network resource utilization.

This session will cover the following:
  • Evaluating EBS Volume PIOPS
  • Reviewing S3 and Snapshot costs
  • Identifying idle Classic Load Balancers
  • Exploring Elastic IP, Data Transfer and NAT Gateway costs

Rightsizing Instances and Virtual Machines

Deep dive into the specifics of your infrastructure from a utilization and performance point of view and discover possible candidates for rightsizing.

We'll walk through the following:
  • Utilization Analysis
  • Underutilized Infrastructure
  • Performance Analysis
  • Rightsizing Reports
  • Performance Policies
Specialty Topics

Power Of The Platform

Coming Soon! How to get the most out of the platform.

This includes:
  • New Features
  • Hidden Gem Features
  • Best Practices
Session topics rotate monthly.

Preparing For Certification

This session is all about the CloudHealth Certification Program, including the purpose, target audience, objectives, administration and preparation for successful completion of the CloudHealth Platform Administrator - Associate certification exam. It will help you determine if this is the appropriate exam for your role.

This session requires that you have completed the Core Team Onboarding training.